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Your Ariterm dealer can supply you with offers and economical and environmental saving calculations. You can also send your inquiry per mail to ariterm@ariterm.fi to get further information and assistance. We can also provide training for operational and mainteance personnel. Request an offer.

New BioComp60i

The newly released Ariterm BioComp60i with it's small footprint, great efficiency and easy to use & maintenance features is an excellent choice for the large residential or small scale commercial application.
It's also possible to cascade up to 240 kW.
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Prefabricated boiler houses

Ariterm boiler houses are strong factory-built heating centres for pellet use. They come preinstalled with all the necessary equipment for a functioning heating centre.

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Ariterm Bio burners

Arimax bio burners are designed for various (bio)fuels.

MultiJet 40-1500, BioJet 60-1000 and Hakejet 60-300.

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Ariterm Bio boilers

Arimax bioenergy boilers and systems are designed for heating especially with domestic fuels. Our product range includes versatile boilers in the power range of 40-3000 kW and complete heating systems up to 500 kW.

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