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Advantages with Ariterm and chip feed
  • Flexible, customized solutions 
  • Prefabricated or assembled on site
  • A choice of quality

Hydraulic scrapers

There are 3 types of prefabricated chip hoppers, which can be site-adjusted. The customer carries out the basic construction required for his need.

Hydraulic scraper T2 
Storage with two hydraulic scrapers, which move backwards and forward, controlled by the atomization of the fuel feed to the storage screw. Storage base area is 3x3 m and the volume approx. 3 m3. Max. volume approx. 50 m3.

Hydraulic scraper T1 and K2

Storage with one hydraulic scraper. Storage base area is 1.5x3 m for T1 and 2x2 m for K2. Max. volume approx 20 m3.
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