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Ariterm bio heating systems are controlled by versatile automation that can be complemented with multiple accessories according to the needs of the use.

Arimatic 150
Arimatic 150 is an affordable control centre suitable for HakeJet, BioJet and MultiJet burners up to 150 kW.AM150 controls the burner functions as well as the storage system (feeding and storage screws, and the Walking Floor Unit). The control is carried out by programmable logic and the user interface for the system is a 2-row text screen.

Arimatic 200

The automation of Arimatic 200 has been developed to meet the needs of standard equipped heating systems. The automation works well with, for example, HakeJet, BioJet and MultiJet burners. It uses programmable controllers (Siemens) and a four inch touch screen provides an easy user access

Arimatic 1000
Arimatic 1000 is a versatile control system that can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual delivery. Its automation is suited to all Ariterm’s standard systems. AM1000 uses programmable controllers (Siemens) and an eight inch touch screen provides an easy user acces

Arimatic 2000
A project centre for demanding special requirements. The large central cabinet is able to accommodate larger equipment used for step grate and dual burner solutions. The automation is based on the same eight inch touch screen and controllers as in AM1000.

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