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"The forrest is renewable energy, which grows because of the sun. Bio-fuel is in that way concentrated solar energy!
Its impact on the greenhouse effect is limited as the amount of carbon dioxide released during combustion is the same as what the tree absorbed during its lifetime."

Staffan Lundegårdh,
Managing Director

The environmentally green country - 100% renewable

Scandinavia is famous for its clean water, its varying nature and its climate as well as for its very strict environmental requirements.

Of all the forms of energy in Sweden bioenergy is today the single largest one, even larger than energy from fossil fuels, and more than 50 percent of all the energy consumed in Sweden is renewable.
This means that Sweden is best in the world for renewables and we – Ariterm – are one of the largest in the Swedish market for pellet heating.

In Sweden the aim is now to be completely free from the use of fossil fuels, and thereby become the first country in the world to be CO2 neutral.

Ariterm is a very important part of this change!

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