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"Ariterm does not just sell environmentally friendly heating products but also our 100-years of knowledge and experience.

And, to us, knowledge is development!"

Staffan Lundegårdh,
Managing Director

New BioComp60i

The newly released Ariterm BioComp60i with it's small footprint, great efficiency and easy to use & maintenance features is an excellent choice for the large residential or small scale commercial application.
It's also possible to cascade up to 240 kW.
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New Biomatic+ 20i/40i

Our well proven and reliable Biomatic+ series has been updated. The new Biomatic+ 20i/40i, with it's value-for-money i-features, offers even greater user friendliness, increased control possibilities as well as improved installer support.
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To us, the new technology is not new

In fact, Ariterm was involved in its creation. We have been experts in the technology for environmentally friendly, economic heating with biomass for decades. 

With Swedish brilliance, Finnish pertinacity, boundless creativity and classic quality requirements, we are driving the development into the future. Our expertise gives us the strength and dare to be innovative and to create unique solutions.

Ariterm is based on a classic Swedish flat organization, where everybody is involved. This means that knowledge and responsibility is spread between employees, which results in rapid decision paths.
It is quite simply easy to work with Ariterm.

Heating with bioenergy – 100% renewable – is the foundation for Ariterm’s work and covers the entire product range. From the pure Scandinavian, easy to use, residential boilers to complete customized commercial heating systems, allowing multiple installation (e.g. 4+4MW).
In between, there are standardized units for smaller commercial facilities. 

All developed and manufactured by creativity based on long experience and with Nordic quality and customer value as a natural foundation. 

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