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Commercial Domestic

Ariterm Bio boilers

Bio boiler options
  • Arimax Bio 120-4000 kW
  • Ariterm BioCompPX 60kW with integrated burner
  • Ariterm BioComp boilers 40-150kW

BioComp boilers

BioComp -boiler is a new generation automatic bio heating boiler. The fire chamber of the BioComp-boiler has a new round structure which improves heat recovery. Excellent efficiency* of the boilertogether with its flexible structure enable the use of different burner types. Due to its high equipmentlevel the boiler is suitable for almost all solid biofuels and heating oil.

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Ariterm Bio 120-3000

There are two series of the Ariterm bio-fuel boilers up to 3000 kW, which can be combined with Ariterm burners but also other types of combustion equipment.

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