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Arimax Bio burners

Bio burner options
  • MultiJet 40-1500 kW
  • BioJet 60-1000 kW
  • HakeJet 60-300 kW

Hakejet bio burner

HakeJet is designed primarily for burning wood chips. Its open, half-circle burning head is constructed from cast iron, which makes the fire grate very durable and long-lasting. Due to the ceramic burning chamber, the temperature of the flame can be raised sufficiently high and the burning will be clean.

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BioJet bio burner

There a 3 types of burners for chips and pellets, all with automatic operation in accordance with current directives. Regulation, control and monitoring equipment can be adapted to the customer's requirements, e.g. GMS and web interface.

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Multijet bio burner

Ariterm's MultiJet bio burner is designed to utilise several different kinds of bio fuels. The burner is able to use wood chip of varying quality, wood pellets and various field fuels.

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